Creating your profile, and examples

We know you want to create a good representative profile of yourself but may need inspiration sometimes. So here, we have examples and tips to help. We hope you find them useful. Tips for creating your profile Keep it short, simple, but very informative (about 100-300 words) Write about your experience but also about your […]

My experience as a male carer


When you think of a carer, is your initial picture a female? You’re not completely off! Most carers are female. But have you ever wondered what it’s like for a male carer in a female-dominate ‘world’? We ‘met up’ with Scott who shared his experience with us. How did you get into care? I started […]

The Visitor

He knocks on the doorI let him inSix foot four with ebony skinA warrior face chiselled fineSplitting into a smileOf perfect white teeth beamingWarmth through the house.The old man in the chairSmiles too, quizzicallyNot sure who this might beThis alien figure with kind eyesWho stands proud, straight and strong:Yet the African stranger doubles over the […]