We know you want to create a good representative profile of yourself but may need inspiration sometimes. So here, we have examples and tips to help. We hope you find them useful.

Tips for creating your profile

  • Keep it short, simple, but very informative (about 100-300 words)
  • Write about your experience but also about your personality
  • Make the first two sentences capture your reader, as this will appear first before your profile is viewed for more details
  • Write in the first person (I am…)
  • Complete all the sections of your profile as this will give you more views (your qualifications, availability, etc)
  • If you upload a photo, upload one which preferably shows your head and shoulders only, smile if you can
  • Create a username which does not include your surname or personal identifiers

Example profiles of care workers

Example 1: Samantha (profile of a Personal Assistant – supporting clients at home)

I have 12 years of experience as a carer and a personal assistant. I am very hardworking, and motivated to apply my skills in looking after people. My experience so far has helped me to gain knowledge in health and safety procedures. My experience has also helped me to develop in offering truly individualised care assistance. I can help with personal care, preparing meals, domestic help around the house and garden, and accompanying clients to appointments or going to places around the community. I also have a car and insured to work with it.

Example 2: Anjeera (profile of care home staff)

I am new to care in a care home setting, but I’ve got many years of experience in providing care and support. I helped look after my grandmother in her 80s and have also taken care of young children with mental health needs. I am hardworking and excited to develop a career in adult social care. I have taken some course in Mental Health Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty, and First Aid. I believe that I will make a trusted and loyal care home staff.

Example profile of a private employer or those seeking care at home

Example 1: John (profile of a private employer – seeking private care at home)

I am John, a bubbly and kind man in my 50s. I once worked in a factory making glass, but an accident led to my early retirement. I use a wheelchair and require some support with daily tasks at home, and sometimes personal care. I am looking for a carer or personal assistant who will be able to support me. I will like someone who is also lovely and cheerful. I am also interested in being contacted by care organizations if you are able to support me.

Example profiles of care providers

Example 1: Bluebells Care (profile of a care provider – smaller organization)

We are a small care provider, offering care at home, to people with mental or physical health needs. Although we are small, we pride ourselves in the very personalised care we provide. We aim to provide care which is tailored to you. Our provision is centred around you and your needs. We are experienced, trusted and all DBS checked. If you are looking for reliable and trusted care, without the need to employ someone by yourself, contact us, we will be happy to help.

Example 2: Cherry Blossom Nursing Home (profile of a care home)

At Cherry Blossom we provide high quality nursing care. We understand that it can be a difficult experience to place your loved one in the care of others. Our provision ensures that your loved one is well looked after, giving you peace of mind. Amongst other provisions, we have beautiful garden spaces, other sensory areas, and regular music and pet therapy, for our residents to enjoy nature and positive stimulation. We have fully trained and qualified staff and offer a range of specialised care. For 24 Hour, award-winning care, with a home-like setting, and peace of mind, contact us.

Example profile for Other support & Entertainment

Example 1: Music Harmony (profile of an individual offering music support)

I am Jade. I offer music therapy to help reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. Sessions with me can help improve your ability to function in your everyday life. For example, helping you to engage in or maintain activities you enjoy. Sessions may help with improving or maintaining your personal relationships too. My sessions can last between 30 minutes to one hour, and they can be weekly, fortnightly, or as regularly as you prefer.

I am non-judgemental and like to have a chat and a laugh. I have been involved in music and mental health for over 10 years. I work with both adults and children. I can work with individuals, a group of two or three people, or even much larger groups (like care homes or day centres). Sessions with me may also complement other therapy which you are currently having. Benefits include feeling more confident, supporting an autistic child through development, and more. Start your journey today, feel free to contact me for an initial chat. (I take care vouchers)

Example 2: Pets and You (profile of a pet therapy organization)

We offer pet therapy in care homes and other care-related establishments. We bring a variety of pets to interact with your residents. Our animals include, dogs, cats, kid goats, donkeys, and rabbits (dogs and cats are the most popular). Our therapies help with improving mental health (especially low mood), social interactions, agitation, and well-being in general. Our animals are friendly and trained to be with residents. We are familiar with care home settings, including policies and procedures which must be in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have been considering pet therapy, or simple pet visits to your home, drop us a message, we will be delighted to hear from you.